Basic First Aid

Learning Outcomes Learners will be able to:

1 Describe the basic principles underpinning health and safety, including the concepts of prevention of risks and protection against hazards

2 Describe health and safety-related issues in a familiar work or learning environment in the context of the tools, equipment and associated documentation

3 Define both employer and employee responsibilities for a familiar work or learning environment with regard to health and safety and accident prevention by referring to appropriate health and safety legislation for Ireland

4 Identify existing and potential health hazards and safety hazards in a familiar work or learning environment including who could be affected by the hazard and how

5 Group hazards by type, including physical, electrical, mechanical, chemical, psychological, and work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs)

6 Give examples of ergonomic risks in a familiar work or learning environment

7 Demonstrate the correct method of using a fire blanket and fire fighting equipment

8 Participate in a fire drill following procedures correctly

9 Describe the procedures to be taken following an accident, including completion of the appropriate documentation and knowledge of roles and responsibilities

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