QQI L3 Operating Horticultural Machinery



1. Should be physically fit and agile with no history of epilepsy, etc.

2. Minimum age 16yrs. Participants should supply own Personal Protective Equipment.


1. Participants state the safety requirements & regulations in relation to operating machinery with an emphasis on safe practices, warning signs and guards

2.Participants prepare for use and inspect equipment & cutting attachments in workshop and field conditions. Includes starting procedures and pre-work checks in accordance with the manufacturers handbook. .

3. Participants state the importance and functions of a fully trained & competent horticultural machinery operator.

4.Participants state and identify the correct protective clothing to wear and the standards required.

5.Participants operate a range of  equipment in a safe manner having regard for the safety of themselves, the public, property and environmental factors.

6.Participants identify potential hazards and use appropriate techniques to overcome them.

7. Participants undertake and demonstrate a knowledge of risk assessment methodology.


 1. Normal course duration is to 3 days including assessment on the third day

2. Upon successful completion candidates will be issued with QQI Level 3 certification

Course Application Form: