Each time Ireland experiences high winds and stormy conditions there are a significant number of trees which break and fall. When they do, there is often significant damage to buildings and property. Each year millions of euros of damage is caused by falling trees and branches. While there are many cases where damage is unavoidable, the vast majority are preventable replica name brand watches by the careful management of the trees on your property. Here are a few ways in which falling trees can cause damage and disruption.

Buildings and Structures

The best way to prevent damage from falling trees and branches is to have a specialist in dangerous tree removal such a North West Forest Services thoroughly inspect your grounds, and identify and remove any trees or branches that pose unnecessary risk to any building or structure. While some trees will be worth the risk they pose, some trees, especially dead or damaged trees, can be safely removed in order to eliminate the danger they pose to surrounding structures.

Vehicle Damage

While stationary vehicles can be damaged by falling trees, these can be considered the fortunate ones. The more tragic and avoidable are those having to travel when the stormy conditions are in still occurring. Where your property adjoins public roads and areas of traffic, it is essential to ensure that no trees or individual limbs pose a risk.

Injury or Death

Each year there are a number of incidents involving serious injury or death, caused by falling tress. Many of these cases occur when a falling tree lands on an inhabited dwelling or occupied vehicle.

Road blocking and downing power lines

The first casualties of stormy weather are normally overhead powerlines, causing disruption to electricity supply to homes and businesses. Blocked roadways and traffic disruption caused by falling trees is another problem.

North West Forest Services are experts in forest management and the removal of dangerous trees. Maintaining your trees is not only beneficial to help protect your organization from falling trees and branches, but can also increase the overall health of trees.  North West Forest Services can conduct tree survey which can identify dangerous trees, and develop a plan for their management.

Our Dangerous Tree Removal service includes:

Remove dead or damaged trees and limbs: Dead or damaged trees pose the greatest danger of falling and causing severe damage to buildings, vehicles, property, and people. Dead or damaged trees and branches are much weaker than healthy ones and are much more likely to fall.

Remove dangerously located trees or limbs: Even perfectly healthy trees and branches can pose significant dangers and may need to be removed. Over time trees can grow in all directions and present serious hazards. Trees that hang over buildings, power lines, vehicles, and commonly travelled areas can all cause serious damage if they were to fall. The best way to eliminate this hazard is to remove them.

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